Breaking: It’s Official! Look What Ted Cruz Just Announced

According to ray ban outlet reports, former presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced on Friday that he would introduce an amendment to limit the number of terms Senators and Representatives can serve. Cruz is echoing Trump’s call replica oakleys to finally drain the swamp. reported: One of the rallying cries of the Trump campaign that really resonated with the American people was his promise to “drain the swamp.” Voters are rightfully sick of the corruption that finds a home in our nation’s capital, and expressed that disdain by electing Donald Trump to fix it.

Work to drain the swamp began immediately after the election, when Trump fired all of the lobbyists on his transition team. Since then, he’s been working to put together a team sure oakley outlet to cheap china jerseys terrify the special interests machine that dominates Washington.

Former primary rival Sen. Ted Cruz is joining in, introducing a constitutional amendment sure to aid Trump in fulfilling his promise to drain endet the swamp.

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