Breaking! An Uncovered Email From Abedin Has Just Confirmed The Worst About Hillary’s Server

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Hillary Clinton and her state department staff adamantly denied before congress that any hack of her private server ever occurred. FBI director James Comey even confirmed that Demo intelligence was confident that no such hack had occurred but cheap oakleys a newly obtained email from Huma Abedin has just shown that it was all a lie. reported: Much like everything else involved in the Clinton campaign and its handling of Clinton’s email, that was a baldfaced lie. And now we know that for a fact, thanks to WikiLeaks.

A newly released email from 2011 from Hillary aide Huma Abedin reportedly oakley outlet said that her BlackBerry wasn’t working. In response, Justin Cooper — the IT guy who set up Hillary’s Cheap NFL Jerseys private email server — said, “We were attacked again.”

Given that such an attack probably wouldn’t have cheap nba jerseys been carried out by wolverines with distemper, I’m going to assume that the attack was one carried out by hackers. Also, one typically doesn’t use the word “again” unless it’s happened fake oakleys before — and in this context, a lot of times before.

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