Clinton Foundation Just Received A Killer Blow, Bill And Hillary Are Officially Done [Details]

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It`s a huge understatement to say that 2016 has been a rough year for two-time Presidential candidate and loser Hillary hockey jerseys Clinton. It’s bad enough oakley outlet that she ended up losing the Presidential vote by a huge Electoral College margin, but her many weaknesses were exposed during the primary not by Republican challengers but by her own foe in the party Bernie Sanders.

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Then it was revealed how deeply shady and unlawful her so-called “charity” the Clinton Foundation was. It became crystal clear that the foundation was little more than a pay to play scheme where foreign donors, including our adversaries in the Middle East, donated millions of dollars to the “nonprofit” in exchange for access cheap oakleys to our then-Secretary of State Clinton. It’s actually gotten worse.

Clinton said that if she were elected President, she would wind down the Clinton Foundation’s operations to avoid a conflict of interest. ray ban outlet Now that she has failed to be elected President, some people wondered what would happen to the foundation.

It looks as though Hillary Clinton won’t even have to bother with shutting down the Clinton Foundation, because the people Godkänt have spoken and the charity appears to be shutting down on its own. According to The New York Post, the foundation’s fundraising has taken a 37% hit after it was revealed how corrupt it is.

Two years ago it raked in $178 million, and now it’s just $102 million. More dramatically, the Clintons brought in $3.6 million in speaking fees last year, but this year it is down to a mere $357,000. The Clintons have become pariahs. Are you happy that the public has finally turned on Bill and Hillary?