Donald Trump will win, claims man who correctly predicted almost every US presidential election (VIDEO)

Professor Helmut Norpoth says his борт model shows Republican?performed compartively better in the primaries so will triumph in November

A professor who developed a model which successfully predicted all but one presidential election result for the past 100 years has claimed Donald Trump will win the election.

Professor Helmut Norpoth, of New York?s SUNY Stony Brook University, said the Republican candidate was likely to triumph in two weeks time because he was the strongest candidate in ray ban outlet the primaries.

The political scientist developed a model which, when applied retroactively, accurately predicted every presidential election since 1912 ? with the exception of the 2000 election, ray ban sunglasses when it said Democratic candidate Al Gore would win.

Mr Gore won the popular vote, but following a disputde result in Florida, George W Bush was awarded more votes cheap nfl jerseys in the Electoral College and thus won the election.

The model suggests that the candidate who performs better in their parties primary race will go on to win the presidency.

Professor Norpoth told the New York Post: ?I think he was the strongest candidate in the primaries and that Fake Oakleys he will prevail.

?The model predicted a Trump win in February and nothing has changed since then. oakley outlet Whatever happens in the real world doesn?t affect the model?.