Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren Just Got The Worst News

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Senator Elizabeth Warren who may have been the most critical of President Trump during his campaign is now in jeopardy of losing her reelection bid.

Right Wing News Reported: I don’t even ray bans sale know how Senator Elizabeth Warren got elected, if I’m being honest. She doesn’t strike me as incredibly educated about fiscal issues, nor does she seem charismatic or charming.

<p Cheap NFL Jerseys China style=”text-align: justify;”>That being said, I guess there is a market for crazy conspiracy theorists on the left who like to claim they’re Native American when they’ve only got a drop of Native blood in their whole body.

According to a new survey from Boston fake ray bans NPR affiliate WBUR, Warren’s approval in the state currently stands at 51 percent, compared with 37 percent who do not approve of Wholesale NFL Jerseys her job performance. Though down 11 percent from April 2015, the approval ratings may not, in itself, represent any cause for alarm. But several other numbers from the poll may stoke concern among democrats, who cheap oakleys sunglasses already face a daunting Senate map in 2018.

Survey participants were asked: “As of now, do you think Elizabeth Warren deserves reelection or is it time to give someone else a chance?” Forty-six percent answered “give someone else a chance,” compared with 44 percent who responded “deserves reelection.”

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