Reporter Reveals Furious Killary’s INSANE Plan To Punish Liberals For Not Voting For Her, You’ll Love It

INSANE Plan To Punish Liberals For Not Voting For Her

So much has been said and written about the Republican party’s so-called “infighting”.

However, when push came to shove, it was the conservatives who rallied around their candidate and the liberals who abandoned theirs.

Part of the reason Trump won Tiramisu the election is because of the Democrats’ crazy infighting.

Now that the election is over and Democrats are sorely disappointed, you can expect much more infighting, especially between Hillary and the libs she feels betrayed her.

<p cheap oakleys outlet style=”text-align: justify;”>Explained CNN reporter Jake hockey jerseys Tapper, “The Fake Oakleys Democrats were losing half of union households. We’ve been talking because we’ve been all trusting the polls…about what’s going to happen to the Republican Party, and the bloodletting, and the infighting, and who’s going to lead the Republican Party and all that.”

<p cheap jordan style=”text-align: justify;”>He added, “Again, completely wrong, it’s the Democratic Party that’s going to have this fight. The performance of Democrats, as of right now, in these Rust Belt states has been so challenged, I think it’s fair to say that the Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party is going to be emboldened and stronger.”

Finished Jake, “Democrats are going to be saying, what went wrong, even if Hillary Clinton wins tonight, which seems less probable by the hour, even if she wins there is going to be a real argument Democrats have ignored working class — white working class voters for too long.” Do you agree with Tapper?

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