Breaking! George Soros Makes Shocking Announcement After Trump’s Election and It’s Bad

George Soros, the far left wing billionaire is very upset over Donald Trump’s election and he and other left wing extremists are now taking steps to obstruct his presidency.

The Political Insider reported: According to Politico, Soros and other key members of the so-called “Democracy Alliance” met in Washington, DC at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Sunday for the first day of the group’s three-day investment conference.

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The Democracy Alliance has funneled upwards of $500 million toward liberal activist groups and candidates since Soros co-founded the custom jerseys group in 2005.

DA requires all members — which in 2016 includes more than 100 “finance titans” — to donate cheap nfl jerseys at least $200,000 a year to approved activist groups.

Therefore, at this year’s meeting, Soros and other liberal leaders — including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison — will discuss opposing Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office, a plan the DA called “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements, and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.”

H/T: Daily Caller

Isn’t it funny how liberals can “obstruct” the president, Cheap Jerseys from china and it’s “patriotic?”

Thanks to WikiLeaks, we know all about George Soros and how deeply he’s tied into the Democrat Party. One set of emails shows Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook and top aide Huma Abedin talking about making Soros cheap authentic jerseys happy:

The emails, hacked from the account of Clinton Campaign Chairman and Soros ally John Podesta, disclose that Clinton was advised to do fundraisers simply to make Soros “happy.” They also indicate the 85-year-old Hungarian-born heavyweight, through his top aides, freely reached out to fake oakleys Podesta to make Soros’ wishes clear on issues ranging from Watch trade to migration to the Supreme Court.

But that’s not all. The anti-Trump riots we’ve seen in liberal cities all across the country are linked to Soros, too:

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