Last night, Trump was able to overcome historical odds as he won the election in a landslide. The American people voted for change and hope, and a candidate that will wake up everyday and fight for them.

For more than a year, Samsung Donald Trump battled his way through 16 Republican candidates, the dishonest media, Hillary Clinton, the Obama’s, and a rigged system.

He beat them all, for us. When all of the pundits and analysts said that Donald Trump could not win this election, they were wrong. He beat them all.

As we move forward, two things will unfold in this country.

First, we know that Donald Trump will tirelessly work to create millions of new jobs, secure our borders, better our educational systems, defeat radical Islamic terrorism, repeal ObamaCare, and replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

Second, Donald Trump has indicated that Hillary Clinton will face fake ray bans charges for her years of corruption. Here are 3 charges that could be brought down on Hillary Clinton under a Trump presidency:

  1. Felony obstruction of justice: She obstructed justice on several times when she deleted thousands of emails, destroyed evidence, and did not fully comply with our government. That carries a penalty of 20 years in prison.
  2. Perjury: Hillary Clinton signed documents testifying that she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, on orders from a federal judge, under penalty of perjury. We have concrete proof that Hillary violated a sworn statement more than a thousand times.
  3. Pay for Play: We have confirmation that the FBI is still actively investigating the Clinton Foundation for pay to play allegations confirmed by WikiLeaks. Some of the most vigorous infighting within the Bureau reportedly concerns whether pay-for-play investigations should move forward. WikiLeaks exposed the corrupt network set up by Secretary Clinton to abuse her power in order to personally stuff her own pockets with millions of dollars. Under President Trump, they are coming very soon.

When Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans Wholesale NFL Jerseys deplorable, Donald Trump rose up and stood cheap oakleys tall for ALL Americans. He fought everyday for over a year to give struggling Americans a beacon of hope in a time of desperation.

Donald Trump defied all odds and won this election for the American people. He has promised to end the Clinton hold on replica oakleys government, and he has done so. He promised to hold Hillary Clinton and her team accountable for their years of corruption, and it appears he will do so as our President.

The American people rallied together and took our Nation back from corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton. We chose the candidate that will give us a better tomorrow. We chose to Make America Great Again!