Breaking: Hillary’s Recount Demand Just Backfired, She Could Get Jail Time [Details]

At the end of the campaign, smug, conceited Hillary Clinton tried to mock President-Elect Donald Trump for considering the possibility that there might be voter fraud during the election.

Now that the tables have been Wholesale NFL Jerseys turned and Hillary was sent packing from Washington for good, it’s hilarious that now she’s the one crying about voter fraud. Well, it just backfired on her when she decided to join the recount effort.

According to reports, President Obama urged Clinton to concede to Trump when it Least was clear she was custom jerseys going to lose cheap oakleys Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. cheap jerseys At the time, she took Obama’s advice.

Hillary called Trump on the phone, and the gracious Trump said about the call, “It was a tough call for her. She couldn’t have been nicer. She’s very strong and very smart.”

Now that she has taken back her formal concession, however, it exposes her to many problems with the law. For one, it gives Trump an opening to seek prosecution of her for her many crimes. Do you cheap jerseys think Hillary should still go to jail?