Huckabee Has Had Enough, Clobbered Intel Agencies With Serious Warning Over Trump

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Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is outraged over the shoddy and disrespectful way the biased, partisan intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the FBI have been treating our 45th President Donald Trump so far.

He was pleased that James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, contacted Trump regarding the fake news dossier about Trump’s relations with Russia, but he called out the intelligence community and issued them a serious warning about Trump.

Said Huckabee, setting them straight, “He is the elected president. The real question is how can the intel community repair [its relationships] with Trump? He is the president; he was elected, they weren’t. The call from Clapper was a big plus, but I do believe there has to be a depoliticization cheap nfl jerseys of the intel community. The leaks have to stop.”

He criticized power-hungry intelligence bureaucrats, saying, “The bureaucrats at local, state or federal level say it: ‘We were here when you came. We’ll be here when you leave. Have a good time, but we’re still going to be here.’ To a large oakley sunglasses degree that’s always the tension in any changeover of power.”

He said that Trump will exact payback on them, stating about Trump’s team that “they will try to clean up this total mess. The ‘drain the swamp analogy,’ and it is something that needs to happen, needed to happen a long cheap oakleys time cheap oakleys sunglasses ago.” He slammed the heads of the agencies, saying fake ray ban sunglasses that “a few political people in those agencies have really sullied the reputation of what really should be a sterling kind of reputation for intel.” Do you think Huckabee is right? Watch below: