Breaking: Michael Moore Has Just Become A National Security Risk! Look What He Just Did!!

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According to reports, Michael Moore has launched a whistleblower website to provide leakers a place to leak information about the Trump White House.

USA Today reported: Documentarian and activist Michael Moore has launched a whistleblower website dedicated to culling information on President Trump.

Trumpileaks is a portal on Moore’s personal website where people can “securely send” photos, videos, documents and audio recordings about the commander in chief directly to Moore.

Moore, in a letter published to his website, said he wants people with knowledge of “crimes, breaches of public trust and misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump and his associates” to step forward.
The letter had the tenor of a rallying cry.

“Trump thinks he’s above the law,” Moore wrote. Leaking, he warned, “might get dangerous. It may get us in trouble. But we’re running out of time. We must act. It’s our patriotic duty.”

Trumpileaks allows people with information on the president to contact Moore directly on WhatsApp, Signal, Peerio, encrypted email and even by postal mail.
Moore’s announcement of Trumpileaks comes a day after news broke the Justice Department arrested 25-year-old Reality FxPro Leigh Winner. The federal contractor from Georgia is accused of sending documents related to a Russian cyber-attack to a news agency.

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