BREAKING: Muslims rioting in Germany.Chaos! (VIDEO)

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This is Germany today, a country turned upside down by the massive presence of Islamic immigrants, whole areas of the city in Germany are now under the control of Islamic gangs of North Africans Pakistanis and Turks.

 Many of these are “hard” news stories on terrorist attacks, rape attacks, riots, etc. Some are commentary, adducing previous reporting, and ray ban outlet so representing numerous news incidents. Others are citations of Muslim imams proclaiming they will custom jerseys conquer Europe through breeding. Others document the harrowing experiences of Christian refugees in the migrant camps, at the mercy (or lack thereof) of Muslim migrants. Others report how the Muslim migrant influx is overwhelming the infrastructure and security of European countries and shredding the very fabric of society. This is nothing short of apocalyptic in its magnitude.

Perhaps the most important statistic which stands out comes from the United Nations itself, which reports that 75% of the migrants are “young, fit males.” I believe it was Mark Steyn who wryly noted, “That’s not the demographics of a civilian population displaced by war, that’s the demographics of an cheap jerseys army.” Ironically, even a handmade sign (see photo below) by migrants camped in Calais, France proves the point: out of the camp’s population of 3455, 2861 are men… 82.8%. 

<span Fake Oakleys class=”s1″>If nothing else, this may be a resource for others to help “make the case” to their elected representatives as to why we need a complete moratorium on Muslim immigration (a component of what I call “Sandboxing Islam”) so as to avoid Europe’s fate.

Europe as we have known it since 1945 will no longer exist by 2020. Truth be Etats-Unis told, it no longer exists now.

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