New Wikileaks Bombshell: Foreign Muslim Government Bribes Hillary With $28 Million Dollars To Do This To America

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made a fundraiser from the Department of State for the Clinton Foundation many times and now, another proof of this has been revealed.

VIA Angry Patriot

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In 2011, the Clinton Foundation accepted $28 million from Morocco’s Muslim leader King Mohammed VI to get the Environmental Protection Agency to shut down a Florida-based phosphate mining company so that Morocco’s state-owned company, OCP, could corner the market. 


Clinton also changed the rules that restricted foreign aid to Morocco. She did this so that OCP could expand its operations in the territory of Western Sahara.

By doing this, Clinton cheap jerseys allowed Morocco to expand its illegal occupation of Western Sahara. This “territory” is not recognized by any other foreign government.

To say it another way, Clinton took a bribe to shut down an American business so a foreign, Muslim owned business could take its share of the market. “Ruining jordan sale American jobs for money” should be Clinton’s new campaign slogan.

Further, Clinton used Lisa Jackson, former head of the EPA, to conduct this bribe.

Jackson then joined the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors.

Hillary Clinton says she is going to create jobs and help struggling Americans. How is she going to do that when she’s busy giving our jobs to countries overseas? It’s even worse that she’s only doing it for money.

Foreign Muslim Government Bribes Hillary

This is the exact kind of pay-to-play scheme we have seen Hillary Clinton conduct over the years. Americans hockey jerseys are tired of hearing Hillary Clinton say she is for strengthening the American economy but then seeing her shut down American companies, especially when she’s doing this so non-American Muslims overseas can make money, which they can then funnel 12:57:11 into terrorist plots against the U.S. if they happen to be radicalized Muslims.

Clinton says Donald Trump should not be president simply because he has said some mean things in the past, but Hillary has done some illegal things in the past!

The thing that Hillary has done is repulsive and it goes against cheap jerseys the best interest of the United States and its citizens, this sort of act is alone enough to send her behind bars, not to mention the countless other felonies she has committed.

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