Cyber Security Professional says Obama’s DHS/FBI “report” on Russian hackers is joke

Cyber Security Professional says Obama's DHS/FBI "report" on Russian hackers is joke

Reddit user LuaghingMan wrote to the following about Obama’s DHS/FBI “report” on Russian hackers on /r/The_Donald subreddit:

I just read over the thirteen pages of the FBI,DHS report, and all I can do is laugh. The language is vague, all they did was copy and paste common attacks (like spearphishing, and privilege escalation) and threw on ‘RIS’ to indicate a Russian attacker. There were no verifiable details, the “technical details” was a simple Yara signature that had no unique information what so ever. Then they posted a one page list of Russian Cyber Groups. That was about 3 pages total. The rest of the “report” was simple common attacks and mitigation (had 0 links to the DNC hacks, it was just general knowledge stuff). This report would never make it on an actual technical website or journal. Someone who read one book on Cheap Oakleys CEH could write the “report” almost word for word.

Oh I guess there was a couple of wholesale nfl jerseys dates mentioned, no evidence or methods of determining the information, nothing verifiable but hey its something right.

Essentially the report is ray bans ale enough for Trump haters to say “look the FBI has a report that the Russians hacked the DNC”. But not enough for any professional to verify their findings.

If I wrote something like that for a cybersecurity class, I would have gotten an D at best.

Update: I wanted to also clarify a couple things. First, I do believe that the Russians and many hacking groups in general may have compromised the DNC. From many indications it seems that the DNC employees were not especially careful with their security cheap oakleys sunglasses practices. And they may have even been compromised in the way described, my critique was not on the possibility but on the lack of details provided by the “report”.

Some areas that the report did not cheap oakleys sunglasses cover but many journalist are just “filling in” with their assumptions includes:

1) That the spear phishing attack was done with the intention of affecting the election.

2) That the information attained by the spear phishing attack was given to Wikileaks or any one else.

Hence, there was nothing in the report to indicate that the attack was anything more then hacks of opportunity or that the information was provided to Wikileaks with the intention of disrupting the elections.

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