Person Who Approved The Wiretapping Is Finally Revealed – It’s Happening

President Donald Trump was under surveillance by Barack Obama and his administration during his political campaign. Trump Tower has been wiretapped before the elections. After Trump released what was going on, Obama along with his team immediately started panicking. Now, the person who approved the wiretapping is revealed which is the Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She’s been working with Obama.

Since then, Obama and his men had been working with full energy to hide their tracks so they won’t be discovered. Obama even stayed to leave in Washington D.C. Currently, he is saving himself because of his leftovers in the government and the secret intelligence agencies who make President Donald Trump’s job as a president very hard because he is always on the defensive and he can not govern properly.

The good thing is that some very important Obama’s players have been revealed. One of them is the person who authorized the surveillance operation. Recent reports indicate that the person who approved this action is none other than oanda Attorney General from the Obama administration – Loretta Lync. Of course, this was not surprising for the public at all as Lynch already got herself into some trouble after she was seen on an airport with former President Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama once asked for a warrant to do the wiretapping and it was denied. By some weird coincidence, his second warrant request was immediately accepted after the meeting between Clinton and Lynch happened.

Jonathan Turley a known George Washington Law School professor gave an interesting analysis of the whole situation. He said:

FISA was designed more to facilitate than to limit surveillance. It adopted a standard that was heavily weighted toward approval. You almost have to work to find a way to get turned down by a FISA court.

Spying your political opponent and unmask his associates it’s illegal. Everyone who is involved in this scandal, including Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch, should pay for the things they did. Do you agree?

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