It’s a long story, but I’ll to keep it simple.

In October Wikileaks begins releasing thousands of emails hacked from John Podesta’s server.

Hordes of journalists and online Trump supporters (or “centipedes”) scan the contents for any scandals or revelations.

Eventually the centipedes pick up on some strange expressions that appear in many emails.

The code includes color, objects, and places, but mainly uses food terminology like “pizza,” “hot dogs,” “cheese,” “sauces,” etc.

As they continue to connect the dots, fake ray bans troubling evidence comes to light that they’re probably talking about sex, especially sex with minors.

At some point, the mainstream media picks up on the “conspiracy theory,” but mainly just to discredit it.

Then a major expose of В pedophilia rings in Great Britain comes out, social media managers are caught suppressing discussion of “Pizzagate,” and the coverage starts to go viral on YouTube.

This Sunday, when a man entered the focus of the investigation, Comet Ping Pong pizza in D.C., with one or two guns to “self-investigate,” Pizzagate officially became national news. The owner of the pizzeria, James Alefantis, made a public denial of Pizzagate on the shop’s Facebook page, which only increased the exposure of “the dangerous conspiracy theory.”

Making matters worse, the White House press secretary fielded a question about Pizzagate during a Monday morning news briefing, and then it was discussed on-air on NPR (!). Even Wikipedia got in on the act, but, again, only to denounce the “debunked theory”.

“Did we mention that this fake theory is totally fake and debunked as fake?”

Meanwhile, the controversial conservative speaker, Milo Yiannopoulis, announced on the weekend that he was going to devote his next podcast to Pizzagate, but then suddenly announced that he had been asked by people in D.C. not to bring it up.

Likewise, the firebrand alternative commentator, Alex Jones, at, told his viewers that Pizzagate was a distraction, a dead end, etc., which was a sharp turn from his previous support for the discussion. Plus, the investigative journalist at InfoWars who had  been reporting on Pizzagate, Joe Biggs, was summarily fired from InfoWars the same day.

And while all of this was unfolding, even the Trump transition team was hitting Pizzagate turbulence.

A couple weeks ray ban outlet ago, Trump tapped Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as his national security advisor. Since then, apparently, Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn, Jr., has been on the Trump transition team helping his father with scheduling and other minor matters. However, on Monday Flynn, Jr. tweeted about Pizzagate, and the next day he was off the transition team. Apparently, the order came from Trump himself.

Clearly, despite the wishes of the White House and the MSM, the ball is still in motion, and the more they denounce Pizzagate in public, the more people become aware of it. They are stuck, as so often happens to establishment dinosaurs when trying to deal with the online armies of social-media centipedes.

I’m also happy to report that this battle is not being waged online alone. In the latest episode of a year that feels like a comic book–“The Great Meme War of 2016”–a conservative hero has joined the fray to put real legislative power behind investigations like Pizzagate.

The beloved-by-conservatives-dreaded-by-liberals representative from South Carolina, Trey Gowdy, tweeted  loud and clear that he stands with President Trump as “the law and order candidate.”

In his tweet he linked to a House Judiciary effort to ramp up investigations and convictions of producers and traffickers of child pornography.

You can read about the Justice for Child Victims Act (H.R. 6440) for yourself here, but the gist of it is that, because seeking restitution (or “damages”) is so complex, few child sex victims end up seeking or getting the restitution they deserve. This Justice for Child Victims Act will change that by establishing a fund to disburse funds to victims instead of forcing them to jump from one court to another.

“The Justice for Child Victims Act will ensure child pornography trafficking victims are fully compensated for their losses as they begin to recover.”

Interestingly, last week said the following in a live message to the American public:

“We trust state and local law enforcement officers to enforce every category of law, from murder to child sex cases to narcotics trafficking”.

This is interesting for two reasons.

One, Cheap china Jerseys clearly, busting sex traffickers is very much on Gowdy’s mind. So the Justice for Victims Act mya just be the first of many steps cheap jerseys Gowdy takes in the coming years to demolish the horrible rings of child abuse and trafficking.

Second, notice that Gowdy urges trust in “state and local law enforcement officers,” but is silent about “federal” law enforcement. Some see this as a subtle jab at the DOJ and FBI. Seeing how compromised and cowardly Loretta Lynch and James Comey have been dealing with the Clintons, I’d have to agree. Gowdy is not channeling the X-Files–“Trust no one!”–but he is warning us not to look to the federal level for any serious investigation or convictions.

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