This Is How Rudy Giuliani Will PUNISH Hillary If He’s Trump’s Attorney General [Details]

Rudy Giuliani Will PUNISH Hillary

Hillary Clinton is still facing criminal charges for her roles in oakley outlet countless scandals and crimes, including her illegal use of a personal email server and her running a pay-to-play fraud charity.

Some have suggested, however, that lame-duck President Barack Obama should officially pardon Hillary Esomeprazole of all her crimes as one of his final acts as President.

Trump ally Rudy Giuliani does not agree with these people. He has different plans in store for Hillary Clinton if he is named as Trump’s U.S. Attorney General.

Said Rudy, “I don’t think President Obama should pardon her. I think President Obama should leave it to the system cheap oakleys we all believe in to determine is fake oakleys she innocent or is she guilty.”

Added Giuliani, “What do you say to a foundation that — where you have a fraud of $50,000 when you custom jerseys haven’t cheap nhl jerseys looked at a foundation where there is an alleged fraud in the millions or hundreds of millions of dollars?” Do you agree that Hillary Clinton should not be pardoned of her crimes?