VICTORY FOR TRUMP! The Supreme Court Just Changed EVERYTHING Today…

Donald Trump just scored a HUUGGEE voting replica oakleys victory right before the elections with a little help from the Supreme Court of the United States.

Thanks to the efforts of our 8 Supreme Court Justices, it is once again ILLEGAL for 3rd party groups to act as ballot collectors.

Okay, so what throwback nba jerseys happened was that Democrats oakley outlet used get-out-and-vote groups and other organizations to collect early voting ballots and leverans deliver them to the polls.

Problem is, most people have NO way to know if some of those ballots got lost or tampered with.


So the Arizona legislator goes on ahead and passes a law to BAN the Democrats from using sneaky methods like this. Cheap Football Jerseys Then the Dems got one of their own judges to overturn that ban, saying it made it hard for minorities to vote.

Ummmm, NOOOO! This is America you idiots. Here, people of ANY race or religion are allowed to drive.

Clearly, the Supreme Court felt the same way, because they decided to step in and stop the sneaky plan those Hillary Clinton lovers had hatched. No wonder Donald Trump is so relieved!

Now we need to share this cheap jordan everywhere. “Why?” you ask. We gotta show everyone that even the Supreme Court doesn’t trust the Democrats!!