New Wikileaks Just Revealed SICK Secret About Trump Rally Shooter! This is Going Viral…

Last night, at a rally in Reno, fake oakleys Donald Trump was rushed off stage by a group of Secret Service members when a crazy person cheap nfl jerseys named Austyn Crites tricked the Trump’s supporters into thinking he had a gun.

Within hours, it became known that the man who was arrested is yet another Hillary Clinton supporter trying to attack a Trump rally.

However, thanks to some fast work by Wikileaks, it has now become apparent that Mr. Crites not only supports Hillary Clinton, but even appeared on oakley outlet a list of paid fighters hired by Clinton. This list was leaked DIRECTLY from John Podesta’s emails…


That’s not the only evidence we have to back this claim up, either.

Do me a big favor and take a look at the picture of Austyn Crites and tell me he doesn’t look IDENTICAL to another Protester who harassed wholesale jerseys Trump in Florida just a few Cheap Oakleys weeks ago:

This is some pretty dark stuff, but trust me it only gets DARKER!

Now, I want you to take a look at Crite’s Facebook page. Notice anything…odd?

Did you see it? Pretty bad, huh? Austyn Crite’s Facebook page was basically made just in time for the election!! Sounds a bit suspicious if you ask me.

Look, folks. What I have done here is presented you with a mountain of evidence showing this man was hired by and worked for Hillary Clinton and her goon squad.

What you do with this info is up to you, but I’d highly recommend you share this out to every registered voter you know. Let’s beat her!!